Definition of tabun in English:



mass noun
  • An organophosphorus nerve gas, developed in Germany during the Second World War.

    • ‘However, it is sensitive to things like mustard gas, tabun and sarin.’
    • ‘This morning, the team tested a 20-gallon drum and received positive indications for sarin and tabun, two nerve agents.’
    • ‘For example, sodium cyanide is widely used for processing gold but it could also be used for making the nerve gas, tabun.’
    • ‘Although tabun can be destroyed by its reaction with bleaching powder, that reaction causes another chemical reaction that produces the deadly blood agent cyanogen chloride.’
    • ‘The chemicals, confiscated from Hitler's Third Reich at the end of the second world war, were mustard gas, phosgene, tabun and lewisite, all of which can inflict appalling injuries.’


German, of unknown origin.