Definition of tabular in English:



  • 1(of data) consisting of or presented in columns or tables.

    ‘a tabular presentation of running costs’
    • ‘In addition, the measurement results can be displayed dynamically, topologically, statistically, or in a tabular format on a monitor.’
    • ‘Students receive tabular, graphic, and numerical feedback instantly during mindful engagement with the treatment programs.’
    • ‘There are also well presented summaries of information (e.g., presented in tabular form) throughout the text.’
    • ‘As you would expect, you can sort the data easily by clicking on the head of each column and present them in tabular or map form.’
    • ‘A tabular summary of some of the results will be presented for purposes of clarification.’
    • ‘This is tabular data, and since that was what tables were meant for, is the obvious tag to use!’
    • ‘We all know tables should only be used to display tabular data.’
    • ‘While most instructions are written at about a seventh-grade reading level, interpreting them requires the ability to understand information presented in tabular form, a more demanding task.’
    • ‘It presents data, detailed and in-depth, in an organized and concise tabular format with full-color graphs.’
    • ‘Results can be viewed graphically, printed or recorded as tabular data.’
    • ‘The authors also find in their tabular analysis that the likelihood of having a checking account varies with income, age, and race, with higher-income people, older people, and whites more likely to have a bank account than others.’
    • ‘Selecting one of the categories provides a tabular list of courses available in the Online Directory with details on the name of course, its duration and developer's name.’
    • ‘He presented in tabular form two different models of comparison - one of equal yields and one of equal initial burden.’
    • ‘Table 3 shows the tabular presentation of the same data, which can be used for those who prefer tables to maps.’
    • ‘Results using this scoring metric are presented in a tabular format to facilitate strain comparison.’
    • ‘The numbers of observed micronuclei are presented in both tabular and graphical form but the data appear to be inconsistent between the two forms of presentation.’
    • ‘Subscribers receive quarterly, tabular, and graphic reports that trend the data over time so the participant can visualize the laboratory.’
    • ‘In addition, although many nonprescription products are described in the text and in tabular format, the long-standing approach of this text to list the active and inactive ingredients of virtually all products has been curtailed.’
    • ‘The table tag was designed to display tabular data, not as a way to render the layout of a website.’
    • ‘Investigators responsible for trials that had randomised fewer than 200 patients were asked only for the tabular summary of the numbers of patients and outcomes (although a few such studies did contribute individual patient data).’
    graphic, graphical, pictorial, delineative, illustrative, representational, representative, schematic
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  • 2Broad and flat like the top of a table.

    ‘a huge tabular iceberg’
    • ‘At the edges of Antarctica, where plains of ice spread across the ocean and float on it before breaking off, most of the icebergs are tabular - flat on top, horizontal in configuration.’
    • ‘Bars migrate downstream, producing tabular cross-stratified sands, and these merge to give sand flats covered by rippled and planar-bedded sands developed during flood stages.’
    • ‘Cuboid, tabular, and wedge cores may represent stages along the same reduction sequence.’
    • ‘This basic habit varies from squat bladelike individuals to acicular stellate groups and individuals with a tabular cross section.’
    • ‘It is present in tabular masses 10-50 feet thick.’
    • ‘Polygonal patterns strikingly similar to the Lake Hope structures, with polygon diameters 15-30 km, are expressed topographically on the sea floor in the tabular salt-minibasin province of the Gulf Coast region.’
    1. 2.1 (of a crystal) relatively broad and thin, with two well-developed parallel faces.
      • ‘Colorless crystals tend to be more tabular with modifications by the dipyramids and other forms.’
      • ‘The crystals range from pyramidal to tabular and are dark blue to nearly black.’
      • ‘However, also known are thin tabular crystals that are yellow to golden in color and more than 2.5 cm.’
      • ‘The crystals that are being replaced are flat, tabular, and hexagonal in outline but are now composed entirely of iron hydroxides.’
      • ‘Nodules of pyrite whose surfaces are covered with tabular marcasite crystals are present in the Olentangy Shale in Pickaway and Pike Counties (Atlanta and Latham sites).’


Mid 17th century (in tabular (sense 2)): from Latin tabularis, from tabula (see table).