Definition of tabletop in English:



  • 1The horizontal top part of a table.

    • ‘True to its name, it was decorated luxuriously in shades of blue, from the mostly blue stained glass in one of the windows to gauzy blue cloth on the tabletops.’
    • ‘Piled on the sofa cushions, overflowing tabletops and stuffed into closets are more than 700, mostly vintage, photographs.’
    • ‘These surfaces include lacquered tabletops, glazed ceramic tile, untextured plastic, metal surfaces, photo paper, laminate countertops, opaque glass, and more.’
    • ‘Fingers drummed on tabletops, teaspoons tapped impatiently on saucers.’
    • ‘A wide variety of seating, carrels or workstations, and generous tabletops must be well distributed throughout the library, close to research materials, as well as gathered in larger reading rooms.’
    • ‘When displaying your wreath, keep in mind that wood fences, doors, or tabletops need to be protected from the moisture in the moss.’
    • ‘You'll see the tabletops going all around the ballpark where you can stand and eat and watch the game.’
    • ‘The rest of the room was decorated rodeo style with red booths, horseshoes dangling from the walls, and cowboy hats littered on several of the tabletops.’
    • ‘Some of the tiled tabletops have built-in checkerboards, and on a recent evening I watched a visiting family bent intently over a game.’
    • ‘Postcards and flyers for current and upcoming shows are tucked under the glass tabletops.’
    • ‘Mirrors and glass tabletops create a look of a larger room.’
    • ‘Next to these exotic plants were usually either trash bins, small tabletops cluttered with magazines, tissue, and candy, or long, comfortable lounging couches for waiting or resting in.’
    • ‘It had black lights on every surface, including tabletops.’
    • ‘Today, these tiles are fixed on tabletops, and are rare to come by.’
    • ‘They are so named because they were displayed on tabletops or as freestanding sculptures in the studios of the Chinese intellectual elite.’
    • ‘Germs can be picked up from tabletops and fingers.’
    • ‘A wide variety of green materials are suitable for tabletops.’
    • ‘Pieces of spaghetti, lumps of bread, smears of butter, fruit and other random food particles clung to the walls and stuck to the tabletops.’
    • ‘Kids are sitting paired off with each other at lab tables with Bunsen burners on tabletops along with test tube holders and other chemistry objects.’
    • ‘There were not enough seats, so people were using the garbage receptables as their dining tabletops.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Small or portable enough to be placed or used on a table.
      ‘a tabletop copier’
      • ‘It took three waiters in concert to produce this masterpiece in a shining copper pan on a tabletop stove.’
      • ‘The doctor motioned Jim to follow him down the hallway and into a small office, placing an x-ray on a tabletop viewer.’
      • ‘Military vehicles, tabletop demonstration games, exhibits and stalls will pack the museum in Elvington, just outside York.’
      • ‘The dawn simulator consists of either a lamp or a small computerized device attached to a light source such as a tabletop lamp.’
      • ‘The tabletop sculptures evoke a sense of monumentality, while the scale of the larger pieces reads literally.’
      • ‘If you're a parent, you may be most familiar with tabletop humidifiers.’
      • ‘Many of these are best sampled in a group, where everyone can dig their chopsticks into a tabletop pot.’
      • ‘Now I know that a small tabletop tripod would do all this, but who has a small tabletop tripod in their back pocket?’
      • ‘I'd do really well on a home-baking course, for example, or learning how to make a tabletop fountain.’
      • ‘The result is a tabletop setup with all the components of a classic lens bench.’
      • ‘We asked him for advice on decorating with tabletop accessories, using ceramic vases from his own line.’
      • ‘The amazing thing about polymer clay sculpture is that they can be so small you need a magnifying glass to view the detail to a large tabletop piece.’
      • ‘She'd sit in front of this tabletop device and breathe slowly for 20 minutes.’
      • ‘The all-in-one lampshades come with a tabletop touch lamp with a telephone and a clock with alarm facility.’
      • ‘My challenge was to create a classically styled tabletop display that allowed the contents to be updated and viewed from all sides.’
      • ‘Concept designs and builds a variety of labeling products, from tabletop machines to fully integrated systems.’
      • ‘Those same tabletop lights can be easily moved from one side of your worktable to another to keep the light where you need it most.’
      • ‘So they have room for a larger tabletop stove, of which there are many on the market.’
      • ‘It is also the first tabletop system that combines both melting and casting processes.’
      • ‘Diceland is a tabletop combat game that contains elements of miniatures games, dice games, and dexterity games.’