Definition of tableland in English:



  • A broad, high level region; a plateau.

    • ‘Louis and the rest of the army arrived on the tableland and were immediately attacked by the Turks.’
    • ‘In Cyrenaica, the north-east region, some of the coast is high tableland, with light rain supporting forests.’
    • ‘At its southern end, the terrain drops down to the Santa Rosa Plateau, a 2,000-foot-high tableland with canyons, mesas, and low hills.’
    • ‘They are the hills of Northern Eastern Victoria or the New England tablelands of New South Wales.’
    • ‘Big Mountain sits atop a rolling tableland called Black Mesa, beneath which lie an estimated 20 billion tons of high-quality, low-sulfur coal.’
    • ‘Before the tableland rose entirely above sea level, the waters covering it became increasingly shallow and a swamp forest moved into the niche.’
    • ‘As the column filed across the vast tableland, sharp reports of rifle fire could be heard from the rear as the trailing company shot horses and oxen too weak to continue.’
    • ‘It's one of the most exhilarating stories in modern Australian biology: how a giant tree, once thought to be extinct, was discovered somewhere in the central tablelands of New South Wales.’
    • ‘On this treeless tableland, where only tufts of yellow spiky grass grow, the biting wind pulls tears from my eyes.’
    • ‘In 1902 a Capital Sites Enquiry Board had inspected several potential sites on the southern tablelands, including Yass, Goulburn, Bombala, and Dalgety.’
    • ‘He noted that the gorge cut through an elevated tableland and extended about 11 kilometres from the Falls down to Queenston.’
    • ‘Follow the shoreline past the cave, and eventually cross a tableland of rock to a deep inlet where the sea surges into the first of the two Carsaig Arches.’
    • ‘In contrast, Antarctic bergs tend to calve from the more static ice shelves and glaciers that border the continent and protrude into the sea, making them not only larger, but also flatter, resembling the great tablelands of South Africa.’
    • ‘In 1925, when he started at the station, Yankton was a river town of just under six thousand, set out on tableland that gently sloped down to the Missouri, the town's uncertain southern boundary.’
    • ‘The northeast is a land of gently rolling tablelands interrupted by granite hills and rock formations.’
    • ‘Exploring side canyons and clambering up to the surrounding tablelands for an overlook will form part of our journey.’
    • ‘The river, called the Datong, originates in the tablelands of Northwest China's Qinghai Province and runs 554 kilometres down to Gansu Province.’
    • ‘Wool prices crawled back up over the 800 cents a kilo mark this week, and a seasonal record was set for a bale of superfine wool from the desperately dry southern tablelands of New South Wales.’
    grassland, flatland, lowland, pasture, meadowland, open country, prairie, savannah, steppe
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