Definition of tablecloth in English:



  • A cloth spread over a table, especially during meals.

    • ‘Meals were served on china on white tablecloths, changed at each seating.’
    • ‘Make kitchen towels or table runners out of soiled tablecloths and towels.’
    • ‘Her deft hands fashioned countless beautiful things, from colourful quilts to crocheted tablecloths.’
    • ‘Placemats on the tablecloths and linen napkins complete the picture.’
    • ‘Inside is a roaring open fire where bread is toasted and meat grilled, surrounded by tables laid with traditional red and white tablecloths and set with traditional brown ceramic dishes.’
    • ‘They make their own clothing, bedding, tablecloths, floor coverings, and items for religious use.’
    • ‘By the time you got to the train, the bows were so enormous that just one of them alone could have served as a tablecloth or bed sheet.’
    • ‘The tables are all covered with thick starched linen tablecloths, the glasses are top quality and huge, and the normal veritable army of service personnel are in attendance to push the awaiting chair under the bottom.’
    • ‘Colin followed Monica down the hallway and into a yellow kitchen with light blue draperies and tablecloths and white counters.’
    • ‘If you choose a cloth with a pattern, make sure that in the tablecloth, napkins, and place mats, you don't have too many conflicting patterns.’
    • ‘Upon each table are fine demonstrations of fine Swedish table linen-from the tablecloths to the napkins.’
    • ‘Now as an adult, I've learned to sew, creating pillowcases, tablecloths and various other household items.’
    • ‘Now, if you are looking for white linen tablecloths and lavish meals served on fine china, you won't find it in discount business class.’
    • ‘A country or colonial themed room can be dressed with items such as handmade quilts and tablecloths, earthenware pottery, and ‘folk art’ style paintings.’
    • ‘The tables have good quality tablecloths and embroidered linen napkins, matching up with good quality cutlery and comfortable cushioned cane chairs.’
    • ‘The tablecloths are linen, as are the napkins, and the cutlery and glassware are of high standard.’
    • ‘This typically involves lining up bottles on a table with a white surface or a covering such as a tablecloth or sheet.’
    • ‘I turned to Theo to apologize and was horrified to discover him weeping into a corner of the linen tablecloth.’
    • ‘When he drips it on the tablecloth, he wipes it up quickly and professionally.’
    • ‘She drops the turkey on the floor, uses a bed sheet as a tablecloth, and attempts to mash uncooked potatoes.’
    rag, dishcloth, floorcloth, wipe, sponge, duster
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