Definition of T-junction in English:



  • A junction in the shape of a ‘T’, in particular a road junction at which one road joins another at right angles without crossing it.

    ‘turn right at the T-junction’
    • ‘The closest I came to an accident all day was pulling out of an angled T-junction without being afforded a proper view of the road.’
    • ‘Under this scheme there would be staggered T-junctions to Cononley Lane and Farnhill.’
    • ‘Turn right over the bridge and follow the road steeply up to a T-junction.’
    • ‘Turn left down the road to reach a T-junction with the main road where you turn right over the bridge across Grange Beck, just after which take the path to the left through a squeeze-stile.’
    • ‘Turn right after the T-junction after the Three Pigeons pub onto the A329, and then right again at the Le Manoir sign, two miles on.’
    • ‘You could get through a set of tyres while trying to pull smartly away from a T-junction.’
    • ‘At the T-junction of roads, turn right and, almost immediately, where the road swings right, go on ahead along a narrow lane, which is at present lined with summer flowers.’
    • ‘Continue straight on along the track, which soon becomes a road that leads through the outskirts of Ilkley to a T-junction.’
    • ‘The traffic flow through the area was restructured last year as part of a local area enhancement having previously operated as a T-junction with a slip road a few yards away.’
    • ‘After passing point 11 on the circuit you will come to a T-junction on an asphalt road without an obvious sign.’
    • ‘When we hit the main roads at the T-junction from the set of streets we live off, we turn right, away from the main congestions of outer-London.’
    • ‘The T-junction at Whinwhistle Road is the spot where crashes have rocketed to ten times the national average.’
    • ‘Under the scheme the crossroads would be replaced by two separate T-junctions to Cononley and Farnhill.’
    • ‘The safety authority wanted all vehicles approaching a T-junction from a minor road to yield to right-turning traffic from a through road.’
    • ‘Two hundred metres down the road, it formed a T-junction with Broadwick Street.’
    • ‘Yesterday, I burned up to a T-junction and came to a jolting halt right in front of someone I know and the buggy containing her two children.’
    • ‘The bus, carrying eight passengers, came to a stop on an embankment which overlooks the busy A184 road and just short of a T-junction on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne.’
    • ‘Turn left along the road and follow this down over a bridge across Eshton Beck then up passing St Helens Well on your right and continue along the road to reach a T-junction with the Malham Road.’
    • ‘The channel led into the central arm of a T-shaped intersection called a T-junction.’
    • ‘The houses are soon left behind and the lane leads through open country to a T-junction at the top of the road.’
    crossroads, crossing, intersection, interchange, box junction, gyratory
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