Definition of synth-pop in English:



mass noun
  • A type of pop music featuring heavy use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments, originating in the early 1980s.

    • ‘It was the time when British synth-pop was directly influencing early New York hip-hop, and there was a feeling of ‘anything goes’ in dance music.’
    • ‘Using retro elements twelve years younger than what the band was previously associated with, synth-pop and new wave fundamentals liven Of Montreal's unique pop sensibility without forcing an awkward hybrid.’
    • ‘A misguided foray into middle-eastern politics, it may well be their lyrical nadir, their trademark synth-pop swamped in a hideous 80s production.’
    • ‘The album is distinguished by its stylistic breadth - synth-pop, techno, house, ambient, and more - and its terrific flow.’
    • ‘On Casting Shadows, Wolfsheim's industrial-tinged synth-pop moves closer to gothic chill-out music than ever before.’
    • ‘As a result he recruited a band to record this debut album, and his synth-pop, once rather bloodless, became more visceral with the addition of guitar and drums.’
    • ‘Kraftwerk might have seen their music influencing genres from early synth-pop to hip-hop and today's electronica, but it transpires that they are still very much in touch with modern electronic music as a whole.’
    • ‘But at their most accessible, they merged an angular aesthetic with liquid synth-pop that paved the way for Detroit techno and electro.’
    • ‘This song has been on repeat play for the past two mornings - a glorious slice of late 80s bombastic synth-pop, featuring everything except the kitchen sink thrown on to multiple sequencers.’
    • ‘Beginning their musical references around 1977, Metro Area combine heavy doses of disco, dollops of funk, a dash of new wave and synth-pop, and then remove just about everything but each track's most essential elements.’
    • ‘The new goth scene involves industrial, electronic body music, and synth-pop.’
    • ‘And this exposure may not stop there as this new LP, ‘Plastique Nouveau’, is a perfect mix of synth-pop and hard-edged techno.’
    • ‘The remainder lies somewhere between empty arpeggiated dance grooves and by-the-numbers synth-pop.’
    • ‘Many in the press have lauded Caribou's sound experiments as the future of electronic music, but who knew that the future of synth-pop also had a place in Hamilton with the Junior Boys?’
    • ‘And anyway, isn't all this synth-pop just Bowie's late - 70's work watered down, glossed up, and told to act like a Top 40 hit?’
    • ‘Where synth-pop traditionally makes a virtue of treble and plasticity, the Killers flesh out their songs with big rock dynamics and - on ‘All These Things That I've Done’ - a gospel choir.’
    • ‘‘Vanishing Point’ thrusts Technique into overdrive, with its epic production and searching lyrics - this is prog rock crossed with synth-pop.’
    • ‘All through his years in aggressive psychedelia, catchy synth-pop, and his new relaxed style, his solo shows have always won him the most converts.’
    • ‘But they do serve some purpose as a sort of critical shorthand - I tell you a band is new-wave synth-pop, and your brain instantly dials up an approximate framework for the music at hand.’
    • ‘Friends: believe me when I say that the combination between the two disparate elements - unbearably goofy synth-pop and sub-par commentary on various parties' political shortcomings - is indeed a deadly one.’