Definition of synoptist in English:



  • The writer of a Synoptic Gospel.

    • ‘Hence a certain decision as to the Jewish or Christian origin of the poem seems to me especially turned by the fact, that the author's moral teaching coincides only with the Old Testament and not with the moral legislation of Christ, as we have it in the synoptists.’
    • ‘Alternatively, we have to suppose that the wording of the synoptists pointed to a custom in those days that doesn't accord with modern interpretations.’
    • ‘The synoptist Mark noted the success of the disciples in his Gospel.’
    • ‘All three synoptists mention that in this period, which some biblical scholars view as a time of ritual preparation, the devil, or Satan, tried to tempt Jesus.’
    • ‘Its presentation of the central figure is more stylised and presents his teaching in extensive discourses which are markedly different from sayings presented by the synoptists, which (even when they are combined into groups) are characteristically short and pithy.’