Definition of synonymy in English:



mass noun
  • The state of being synonymous.

    • ‘We place Barssidinium wrennii in synonymy with B. pliocenicum based on the new observations of our Belgian specimens, the reexamination of the type material of B. pliocenicum, and new information on the holotype of B. wrennii.’
    • ‘However, there remains potential for confusion through synonymy of the dermoskeleton and exoskeleton.’
    • ‘The synonymy of 'try' and 'attempt' suggests you feel the thread hasn't been successful.’
    • ‘A taxonomic philosophy embodying a wider species concept based on recognition of the extraordinary variability within single stromatoporoid skeletons requires many described taxa to be placed in synonymy.’
    • ‘Where relevant, synonymy is cited from state and regional floras within, adjoining or overlapping the southeastern states.’
    • ‘But this synonymy between the female lips was used to woman's disadvantage in antiquity.’
    • ‘This proposed synonymy meant that the species has a long range that extends through the middle Middle Cambrian to the top of the Chamberlain's Brook Formation in New Brunswick and southeastern Newfoundland.’
    • ‘The study, based upon field work and study of herbarium specimens, includes a key to species, partial synonymy, descriptions, specimen citations, and a distribution map of the species.’
    • ‘Barycrinus latus is placed in synonymy, herein.’
    • ‘Even so, the synonymy of 'elf' and 'fairy' should be regarded as a working assumption which requires fuller examination.’
    • ‘Synonyms listed in the synonymy lists that are not discussed were placed in synonymy by previous workers whose interpretations we accept.’
    • ‘For determinacy of translation implies the possibility of synonymy: if translation is determinate, the possibility of synonymy is implied as a special case of ‘translation’ within a language.’
    • ‘These are without doubt phillipsastreid corals, but generic synonymy with the specimens known from Poland has to be strongly questioned for morphological as well as biogeographical reasons.’
    • ‘Pratt and Stitt both recognized Hysteropleura as a distinct genus, but Robison has continued to argue in favor of synonymy with Bolaspidella.’
    • ‘However, it is impossible to place in synonymy all those species, which have different sizes and display different proportions.’
    • ‘Due to similarities in size as well as in morphology between the type materials of both species, synonymy of Atlantoxerus idubedensis Cuenca Bescos, 1988, with the species A. blacki is proposed.’
    • ‘However, the synonymy of these terms has not been verified.’
    • ‘It is our aim in this paper to establish the synonymy of these genera.’
    • ‘Their synonymy was proposed at a time when much less information was available, particularly on the very different rostral structures.’
    • ‘Sillerpeton is recognized here as a distinct genus, whereas ‘Aornerpeton’ is reduced to subjective junior synonymy with Phlegethontia.’


Mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek sunōnumia, from sunōnumos (see synonym).