Definition of synodical in English:



  • 1Christian Church
    Relating to or constituted as a synod.

    ‘synodical government’
    • ‘The closest cohesion in this will be reached through a synodical unity of spirit and a striving for consensus.’
    • ‘Purely spiritual episcopacy, synodical government, and the sending of missionary bishops lead North American contributions to Anglican life.’
    • ‘The Church sleeps on… In spite of constant synodical resolutions and episcopal pronouncements, the Church as a whole does not care.’
    • ‘Mission support is provided by congregations for both synodical and churchwide ministries.’
    • ‘The support for use of the original rhythmic forms of the chorale melodies actually cut across synodical lines and was the overwhelming, although not always the unanimous, choice of the music committee.’
    • ‘Establish a policy for synodical oversight of ELCA ministry rosters.’
    • ‘He assumed that on African church affairs the African bishops could give an independent synodical judgement; but they were glad when Roman authority reinforced their verdict.’
    • ‘If this new consciousness is taken seriously, it has to lead to the establishment of inter-church organs for synodical and ecumenical discussion and consultation.’
    • ‘The church in the United States was directly influential upon the synodical structure of the churches in Australia, Canada and Capetown, and New Zealand.’
    • ‘Without joint synodical consideration, individual churches would decide for themselves in such a case what is appropriate or not.’
    • ‘We've had our reports, commissions, conferences, seminars, missions, synodical reviews, liturgical reforms - the lot.’
    • ‘Schleiermacher was also involved at the synodical level; in 1817, at the time of the king's push for a union of Lutheran and Reformed churches, Schleiermacher was the Presiding Officer of the Synod of Berlin.’
    • ‘It is a rich resource for discussion and reflections in congregational, synodical, and other pedagogical institutions where faith perspectives are taken seriously into account.’
    • ‘It had to develop the machinery of synodical self-government.’
    • ‘More than one third of local synodical assemblies passed resolutions supporting a favorable change in policy.’
    • ‘Open to all parishioners, this annual meeting is the local level of the exercise of synodical government within the Church of Ireland.’
    • ‘Ending ‘selective togetherness’ will cause even greater things to begin happening at the congregational, synodical and churchwide levels that will extend into the world.’
    • ‘With newness came new headquarters, new synodical geographies, untested leadership, loss of memory in the church-wide organization, and other hurdles.’
  • 2Astronomy

    another term for synodic