Definition of syngeneic in English:



Biology Medicine
  • (of organisms or cells) genetically similar or identical and hence immunologically compatible, especially so closely related that transplantation does not provoke an immune response.

    ‘the rejection by an animal of a syngeneic tumour graft proves that the tumour cells carry their own specific antigens’
    • ‘The cells produced potent stimulation of allogenic T cells and syngeneic T cells specific for purified protein derivative in the absence of exogenous peptides.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we reported that a pharmacologic inhibitor of IDO, 1-methyl tryptophan, induced maternal rejection of allogeneic but not syngeneic murine fetuses.’
    • ‘Three syngeneic animals and one animal with allograft had marked focal uptake of annexin V in a linear pattern corresponding to the left thoracotomy site.’
    • ‘It was shown that spleen cells and infiltrating leukocytes isolated from well-functioning cardiac allografts in immunologically enhanced adult rats suppressed spontaneous blastogenesis of normal syngeneic cells in vitro.’
    • ‘These findings were also observed in syngeneic animals (although less frequently), particularly in the first 3 days after surgery.’


1960s: from syn- ‘together’ + Greek genea ‘race, stock’ + -ic.