Definition of synecology in English:



mass noun
  • The ecological study of whole plant or animal communities.

    Contrasted with autecology
    • ‘Additional information on the autecology and synecology of Microstegium (and other species ranked herein) are in The Nature Conservancy's Element Stewardship Abstracts.’
    • ‘Early focus of this school was on autecology of herbaceous plants, especially the edaphic basis of population differentiation and on synecology of grasslands, especially the grazing effects.’
    • ‘The second will carry on the problems of synecology on the community level and animal societies.’
    • ‘Ecology actually includes synecology as well as two other of its branches- outecology, and democology.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, we estimated ecological effects and impacts based on reviews of the literature and our knowledge of the autecology and synecology of these species.’


Early 20th century: from syn- ‘together’ + ecology.