Definition of synecdochical in English:



  • See synecdoche

    • ‘By weaving the notions of ancient skepticism into William and Adso's first journey into the labyrinth, Eco places infinitude in the form of suspension of judgement, synecdochical for ancient skepticism, within the labyrinth.’
    • ‘The dominant aesthetic is, therefore, synecdochical, but, whereas in a synecdoche, the part usually stands for the whole, in hypertext, the synecdoche is dynamic: the sum of the parts, always greater than the whole, does not add up to fixed and unified object.’
    • ‘I want to present a way of looking at our country in this time, in which the rights of homosexuals are synecdochical.’
    • ‘Because these perceptions were connected with shifting British attitudes to Russia as a whole, the story moves beyond the biographical to take on a synecdochical meaning.’
    • ‘Just as Matthew, Isabelle and Theo in the apartment are a synecdochical image, a microcosm of the revolution outside, so the France of May 1968 is figured in its entirety by Bertolucci as a mere image of the world's true revolutions.’