Definition of syndiotactic in English:



  • (of a polymer or polymeric structure) in which the repeating units have alternating stereochemical configurations.

    • ‘Depending on the location of the side groups and the nature of the starting monomers, linear polymers can have various structural isomers denoted as isotactic, syndiotactic, or atactic.’
    • ‘This specification covers syndiotactic polystyrene materials including homopolymer, copolymers, blends, and impact modified, suitable for molding and extrusion.’
    • ‘It should also be mentioned that syndiotactic polypropylene is also suitable for recycled uses because it is not cross-linked.’
    • ‘In a syndiotactic macromolecule, the configurational repeating unit consists of two configurational base units that are enantiomeric.’
    • ‘The diffusional behavior of helium and carbon dioxide in crystalline syndiotactic polystyrene has been studied by means of molecular simulation.’


1950s: from Greek sunduo ‘two together’ + taktos ‘arranged’ + -ic.