Definition of syndesmosis in English:



  • An immovable joint in which bones are joined by connective tissue (e.g. between the fibula and tibia at the ankle).

    • ‘Two adjacent ribs, often five and six, and six and seven, sometimes articulate at their costal cartilages by a diarthrosis, synarthrosis, or syndesmosis.’
    • ‘In the general sporting population, injury to the lateral ligaments accounts for around 90% of all ankle sprains, with less than 10% involving the syndesmoses or medial ankle or both.’
    • ‘Leg specimens were prepared by transversely sectioning the proximal tibia above the proximal tibiofibular syndesmosis with a bone saw.’
    • ‘The coracoclavicular syndesmosis may be a diarthrosis or a cartilaginous symphysis.’
    • ‘Radiographs may reveal malleolar fractures, talar dome fractures or disruption of the ankle syndesmosis.’


Late 16th century: modern Latin, from Greek sundesmos ‘binding, fastening’.