Definition of syncretize in English:


(British syncretise)


[with object]
  • Attempt to amalgamate or reconcile (differing things, especially religious beliefs, cultural elements, or schools of thought)

    ‘the Amish communities of today have syncretized many traditional elements of their material culture with elements in the New World’
    • ‘In the US mainland, the Filipino Americans' immediate location, colonial discourses are syncretized into a culture that advocates their assimilation.’
    • ‘Here Spielberg uses his passion and great gift to syncretise story elements that certainly don't clash on the screen and only seem dissonant in the abstract.’
    • ‘Gypsies have tended to syncretize or blend their ethnic Gypsy folk religion with more established religions, such as Christianity.’
    • ‘Like many scholars, Bettelheim is willing to accept the resourcefulness and creativity of Afro-Cubans and Afro-Brazilians in syncretizing Spiritism with Catholic and African spiritual systems.’
    • ‘The older generations are more difficult to work with, often wanting to syncretise their old Buddhist beliefs with Christianity, and showing little change of lifestyle.’
    make compatible, harmonize, square, make harmonious, synthesize, make congruent, cause to be in agreement, cause to sit easily with, cause to sit happily with
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