Definition of syncretic in English:



  • See syncretism

    • ‘Kingston is at times unsure whether these practices are ‘Buddhism’ or something more syncretic: ‘Chinese religion.’’
    • ‘But because of cultural and historical circumstances, Korean Zen Buddhism is a little different especially from Japanese Buddhism, and what is interesting about Korean Zen Buddhism is that it's quite syncretic.’
    • ‘However, folklorists will be particularly interested in the discussions of syncretic vernacular religious and ritual traditions, art and iconography, as well as work on narrative, craft traditions, and voluntary associations.’
    • ‘Actually, this is a whole lot like what I just described in terms of cognitive dissonance and syncretic religions.’
    • ‘The result is a further syncretization of an already syncretic form, but one which is capable of having strong musical, political, and cultural resonances in Aotearoa.’