Definition of synchronizer in English:


(British synchroniser)


  • See synchronize

    • ‘The transmission is provided with a speed sensor for detecting rotational speeds of input and output shafts so as to detect the operating state of the synchronizer at the time of the gear stage change.’
    • ‘And, since it's likely to be abused at least part of the time, Honda engineers fitted the six-speed with triple-cone synchronizers on the first two gears, and double-cone units on the rest.’
    • ‘As the aircraft was cleared to FL 160, the pilots started their landing checks, during which there was a question about the synchronizers.’
    • ‘For all of us, light is a powerful synchronizer of circadian rhythms, and we now know that the brain contains specific nerve pathways for daylight to shut off melatonin production.’
    • ‘Inside the S700i is a media player, FM receiver, sound recorder, games, internet browser, mail client, address book synchroniser, and many ways to connect with computers and televisions.’