Definition of synchrocyclotron in English:



  • A cyclotron able to achieve higher energies by decreasing the frequency of the accelerating electric field as the particles increase in energy and mass.

    • ‘Those machines were known as frequency modulated cyclotrons, synchrocyclotrons, or, in the Soviet Union, phasotrons.’
    • ‘Once the Chicago synchrocyclotron began operating routinely, Fermi returned to experimentation.’
    • ‘The synchrocyclotron is now an important tool for proton therapy and proton irradiation projects.’
    • ‘The steel cylinder in front of him holds a document to be laid in the concrete of the synchrocyclotron building.’
    • ‘Five years later, twelve nations ratified the CERN convention and began building the laboratory, and the first machine, the synchrocyclotron, was switched on in 1957.’