Definition of synchro in English:



mass noun
  • 1

    short for synchromesh
    • ‘These synchros are available for all Richmond manual transmission models.’
    • ‘They replace the 3rd and 4th gear synchros under warranty.’
    • ‘The car then inherited some of the running gear of the TR4, such as the all synchro gearbox and Laycock overdrive.’
    • ‘If this all seems a bit confusing consider ordering one of our Rebuild Kits where the correct synchros are already included.’
    • ‘Mechanic said everything looked great inside except the 3rd gear synchros were worn out.’
  • 2

    • ‘The goal is to be in the position to run top-level national and international competitions in swimming, diving, synchro, water polo and disability games.’
    • ‘‘They can be beginners, past members or people with synchro experience,’ she said.’
    • ‘Katie recorded herself, Helen Elkington, her teacher (and an acknowledged national expert in swimming) and the ladies of Bedford's synchro club, talking about their favourite team sport.’
    • ‘The new pool at the Multnomah Athletic Club, the country's largest athletic club with about 20,000 members, is used by MAC's synchro team and for some water polo training by the MAC athletes.’
    • ‘The week-long championships attracted a record 8,700 competitors in the swimming events alone, with a further 900 in the open water and more in the diving, synchro and water polo events.’
    • ‘Northern Lights Synchronized Swimming Society is offering synchro swim lessons at the YMCA on Wednesdays and Sundays.’
    • ‘What the site does do over the sites of the top swimming nations is include swimming, diving, synchro, water polo, masters, disability swimming and open water in one site.’
  • 3

    short for synchronization