Definition of synastry in English:



mass nounAstrology
  • Comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people in order to determine their likely compatibility and relationship.

    • ‘Uranus are particularly important in synastry (chart comparison).’
    • ‘Her expertise covers both traditional horary astrology as well as modern techniques ranging from forecasting, synastry (for relationships), to business advice including financial planning and personnel recruitment.’
    • ‘There are many factors to be taken into account when practising synastry, so let's take a look at some of the major ones.’
    • ‘Professionally written, beautifully presented astrology relationship reports - synastry reports - are now on sale in our new age shop.’
    • ‘Find out what astrology can do for you, with this overview of our services in natal astrology, synastry, progression/transits, horary and electional astrology, with links to our online ordering pages.’


Mid 17th century: via late Latin from Greek sunastria, from sun- ‘together’ + astēr, astr- ‘star’.