Definition of symptomize in English:


(British symptomise)


[with object]North American
  • Be a symptom or sign of.

    ‘hypothermia is symptomized by confusion, slurred speech, and stiff muscles’
    • ‘The corrosion of competitiveness has been symptomised by the collapse since 2000 of the strong export growth that began with the reforms from the mid-'80s.’
    • ‘It may be generations before the consequences symptomize themselves in social dysfunctions.’
    • ‘It doesn't always happen, but every now and then I find that my PMS is symptomised by a really really really bad mood.’
    • ‘The sources said India did not subscribe to Pakistan's stand that Jammu and Kashmir was the core issue between the two countries because New Delhi's view was that it was an issue which symptomised the ties between the two neighbours.’
    • ‘But they nonetheless symptomize divisions that have grown out of a highly specific set of colonial - and postcolonial - histories.’
    • ‘Instead of belligerence, symptomized by nose rings or tattoos, most of these kids give us the radiant inappropriateness of their erudition and fantasy.’
    • ‘I think it encourages / symptomizes the fetishization of black beauty (the question, of course, could be asked, isn't the fashion industry in general all about the fetishization of beauty anyway?) and that I do not think is a good thing.’