Definition of symptomatology in English:


(also symptomology)


mass noun
  • The set of symptoms characteristic of a medical condition or exhibited by a patient.

    • ‘All subjects underwent a thorough medical screening to exclude symptomatology or clinical evidence of hepatobiliary disease.’
    • ‘There were no significant time or interaction effects on diabetes treatment adherence and eating disorder symptomatology.’
    • ‘Lower scores are associated with less depressive symptomatology whereas higher scores are associated with more depressive symptomatology.’
    • ‘Given the patient's mild symptomatology, treatment was withheld pending return of cultures.’
    • ‘The patient described in this article showed no apparent adverse symptomatology or outcome as a result of his lesions.’
    • ‘Mothers with a positive diagnosis for current psychiatric symptomatology were given a score of one; mothers with a negative diagnosis were given a score of zero.’
    • ‘Based on symptomatology, our study identified three types of post-combat syndrome.’
    • ‘Sixty-four percent had radiographic responses and improvements in respiratory symptomatology.’
    • ‘Its absence indicates that patients with negative symptomatology have a decreased interest in exploring the environment.’
    • ‘The symptomatology of these patients resembled an acute exacerbation of their illness which was still evident one month after the initial ingestion.’
    • ‘None of the 5 patients had antecedent symptomatology suggestive of myocarditis.’
    • ‘We used current depressive symptomatology as an indicator of psychological health.’
    • ‘A knowledge of age-dependent physiology and clinical symptomatology will improve diagnostic accuracy.’
    • ‘The detection of viral RNA in a respiratory sample suggests a viral contribution to respiratory symptomatology and pathology.’
    • ‘Babinski obtained his doctorate with a meticulous thesis on the topography of lesions and their correlation with symptomatology in multiple sclerosis.’
    • ‘Given the complexity in the cause and symptomatology of premenstrual syndrome, a vast array of treatments have been suggested.’
    • ‘Metabolic control, diabetes treatment adherence, eating disorder symptomatology, and general psychopathology were measured at all assessment points.’
    • ‘The recommendation that an incipient diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome should be considered after six weeks of characteristic symptomatology was taken out of context.’
    • ‘It is also believed that this resulting inflammation and airway injury, in some manner, alters airway function and generates clinical symptomatology.’
    • ‘The first group of exercises in this chapter deals with current symptomatology and health care issues.’