Definition of symptomatically in English:



  • See symptomatic

    • ‘All too often, patients, particularly the elderly, continue to be treated symptomatically for alcohol-related conditions without recognition of the underlying problem.’
    • ‘Five of the seven patients who were able to be followed improved symptomatically and had no opportunistic infections after 4-7 months.’
    • ‘Duncan summons the entry's orthodox interpretation established more than a century ago by historian Elliott Coues, who read it as ‘a sadly interesting passage’ and linked it symptomatically with Lewis's suicide four years later.’
    • ‘It has veered from offering slightly more moderate versions of Howard's policies to new departures, such as a more independent foreign policy - fine as generalities but symptomatically short on detail.’
    • ‘This manifests symptomatically with episodes of severe muscular weakness or paralysis, tetany and postural hypotension.’