Definition of sympto-thermal method in English:

sympto-thermal method


  • A contraceptive method based on the monitoring of a woman's body temperature and of physical symptoms related to ovulation, enabling awareness of the time of the month at which sexual intercourse is most likely to lead to pregnancy.

    • ‘A recent European study proves that sympto-thermal methods are over 99% effective, compared to 98% effectiveness of the Birth Control Pill.’
    • ‘If you feel more comfortable having the face to face instruction, you can find a sympto-thermal method teacher here.’
    • ‘The word ‘SymptoTherm’ refers to the sympto-thermal method of birth control.’
    • ‘The results were easy to read and my husband was able to enjoy it a bit more than sympto-thermal methods because it was a machine.’
    • ‘In theory the effectiveness rate for the sympto-thermal method, for example is around 98 per cent.’
    • ‘This includes distinguishing the effectiveness of contraceptive methods including barrier methods, pills, IUD, sterilization, spermicide, withdrawal, and the sympto-thermal methods of natural family planning.’
    • ‘On one of this site's favorite topics, using sympto-thermal methods or home kits to predict ovulation, Dr. Wilcox concludes, "is fine for detecting the day of ovulation, but still leave much to be desired in predicting the prior fertile window.’’
    • ‘In contrast, the sympto-thermal method is based on you observing your own body's signals every single day.’
    • ‘This is often accomplished by temperature charting, which is a method consistent with sympto-thermal methods of family planning now in wide use today.’
    • ‘I've never seen the sympto-thermal method of birth control before.’
    • ‘With the sympto-thermal method of determining fertile times of the month, you have a cross-checking system to very accurately know if you are fertile or infertile.’
    • ‘The ovulation and sympto-thermal methods also can be helpful in achieving pregnancy, and thus some knowledge of their basis can be useful in advising couples who wish to conceive but who do not fall within a group requiring full infertility investigation.’
    • ‘Thanks to the sympto-thermal method, you could identify the highly fertile phase more precisely.’
    • ‘While the rhythm method and the Standard Days Method rely on averages, the sympto-thermal method is based on your body's real signs of ovulation.’
    • ‘Consider the sympto-thermal method if you are committed to following the rules strictly.’
    • ‘The two best known are the Billings method, which is based mostly on mucus observation, and the sympto-thermal method, which is a combination of mucus, temperature and cervical observation.’
    • ‘For the sympto-thermal method to work, women must keep track of three things: their core body temperature, the fertile days of their cycle as measured by a calendar, and their cervical secretions.’
    • ‘Married or engaged couples are often taught the legitimacy and the technique of the ovulation or sympto-thermal methods of NFP.’


sympto-thermal method