Definition of symplasmic in English:



  • See symplasm

    • ‘Using the green fluorescent protein expressed specifically from companion cells of the phloem has provided good evidence that there is symplasmic continuity between the phloem of tobacco and the parasitic plant Cuscuta reflexa.’
    • ‘Cuttler et al. reported that a reduction in average cell size, and hence in the relative symplasmic water per cell, may result in a decrease in tissue osmotic potential.’
    • ‘To check the purity of the apoplasmic solution, the activity of malic dehydrogenase in the apoplasmic and symplasmic solutions was determined according to Bergmeyer and Bernt.’
    • ‘Recent studies revealed that these zones and layers form separate symplasmic domains.’
    • ‘High densities of plasmodesmata support symplasmic delivery of accumulated nutrients to underlying storage cells where polymer formation (starch, protein) takes place.’