Definition of symphonic in English:



  • 1(of music) relating to or having the form or character of a symphony.

    ‘Franck's Symphonic Variations’
    • ‘A concert of American symphonic jazz will be staged in Shanghai this Saturday.’
    • ‘Matthews has defined symphonic music as being one which ‘contrasts dynamic energy with passivity’.’
    • ‘Tristania combines rock, Goth, death metal, black metal, classical music and symphonic rock on February 18 at Manchester Academy.’
    • ‘Our last concert was a programme bursting with superb concert band, symphonic, jazz and choral sounds.’
    • ‘Furthermore, unlike many film composers, he thought of at least some of his movie music as symphonic and arranged his cues into symphonic suites.’
    • ‘The Finale is almost symphonic in breadth and nature and the whole quartet is one of the overlooked masterpieces of the genre.’
    • ‘From quietly beautiful chamber pieces, to daring set ups of symphonic proportions, there have, indeed, been many offerings to relish from across the globe.’
    • ‘The sense of forward momentum doesn't quite get as far as it needs to, and an overenthusiastic attack of subsidiary climaxes weaken the major symphonic climax Simpson has written in.’
    • ‘The last two works were part of the new genre of symphonic ballets; the idea of setting dance to symphonic music was a cause of great controversy at the time.’
    • ‘At times, the music is practically symphonic and then it just as easily turns harsh and destructive.’
    • ‘The symphonic character of Gustav Mahler's music gave me the freedom to create a drama out of the music rather than retell a pre-written story.’
    • ‘My father prefers everything else, especially symphonic music, but on occasion he'll play traditional Asian music.’
    • ‘If the instrumentation is more sparse, the music is no less symphonic in its scale and approach than we would hope.’
    • ‘Instead of allowing you to enjoy the natural symphonic presentation of his music, you get some awful '80s-synth revamp.’
    • ‘The finale follows immediately - a big symphonic waltz à la Dvorák or Nielsen.’
    • ‘No conductor did more to bring Mahler into the symphonic mainstream, and none did more to consolidate this orchestra's special relationship to Mahler's music.’
    • ‘It can't modulate, and thus, in the context of symphonic music, cannot give you the sense of transformation.’
    • ‘On the new release, Fitton emphasizes his music's symphonic dimension.’
    • ‘If Meyer decided to work in longer forms, he might yet give us the folk analogue to Gershwin's symphonic jazz pieces.’
    traditional, long-established
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    1. 1.1 Relating to or written for a symphony orchestra.
      ‘symphonic and chamber music’
      • ‘A major pleasure of symphonic music lies in a feeling of inexorable transformation - following a close argument or listening to a tale well-told.’
      • ‘It's more allegretto than andante, like a Brahms symphonic intermezzo.’
      • ‘During the first months of the war Serge Prokofiev wrote his symphonic suite ‘The year 1941 ’, and later his Fifth Symphony, as did Aram Khatchaturian his Second.’
      • ‘There are three halls of different sizes with seating capacity from almost 3000 in the big symphonic hall, to the more intimate chamber space with 750 seats.’
      • ‘No: he never did manage to write the symphonic or operatic masterpieces that he constantly wanted to be remembered by.’
      • ‘This is a characteristic of much of Elgar's symphonic writing, though without the terse compactness of the Brahms model.’
      • ‘His concert career also included engagements as a conductor, particularly of Brahms's symphonic music.’
      • ‘Morton Gould is not generally known primarily as a composer of symphonic music.’
      • ‘Perhaps, if he hadn't felt such a strong need to establish his credentials as a symphonic composer, we might have had more fabulous American musicals from his pen.’
      • ‘As historians are apt to do, symphonic classical music is chronologically subdivided in an effort to differentiate the dominant style utilized at that time.’
      • ‘Brahms's chamber and symphonic music has long since triumphed in the concert hall.’
      • ‘Allusion to the trio, as in some of Beethoven's symphonic scherzos, briefly turns up in the coda.’
      • ‘By the time he left he had written two symphonic preludes, a number of liturgical settings, and a Capriccio sinfonico, his passing-out piece, which won high critical acclaim.’
      • ‘At this price, this set is definitely worth a listen and should also be the standard recommendation for Alfvén's symphonic music for many years to come.’
      • ‘In the Finale - to my mind, the most miraculous symphonic movement ever written - Jochum and his Bavarians are supremely moving.’
      • ‘Edmund Rubbra's symphonic cycle has long been admired as one of the finest of the century.’
      • ‘None of the symphonic music of Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Delius, Richard Strauss or Skryabin is without longueurs.’
      • ‘Where once every conductor with a record contract had to have a Beethoven and Brahms symphonic cycle, today it seems you're nothing without your complete Bruckner and Mahler.’
      • ‘He wrote symphonic movements and shoved them in a drawer.’