Definition of sympetaly in English:



  • See sympetalous

    • ‘The fusion of the corolla lobes to a sympetalous corolla is late (late sympetaly) taking place by meristem incorporation and fusion across the backs of the anther primordia.’
    • ‘Within a single genotype, gerbera flowers may vary in a number of parameters, including sex expression, symmetry, sympetaly, and pigmentation.’
    • ‘There are thus two directions of adaptation: from polypetaly [many petals] to oligopetaly [fewer petals] and from separate petals to sympetaly [fused petals]’
    • ‘This kind of sympetaly is otherwise unknown in the Clusiaceae.’
    • ‘This may be a primitive character-state expression for the family (choripetaly in Azima is presumably less specialized than incipient sympetaly in Salvadora).’