Definition of symbolical in English:



  • See symbolic

    • ‘‘I will be so excited to go back on the stage with the presentation of this music which is so symbolical to me,’ he said before the performance.’
    • ‘The powers of the Parliament, reformed after the 1996 referendum, became largely symbolical while the rule of law was profaned since the main regulating documents were presidential decrees.’
    • ‘It is a symbolical play aimed at the vices of capitalism and totalitarianism and rekindling the personal spirit.’
    • ‘Locating the action in the dark recesses of Ian's mind, his depraved fantasy-land becomes the symbolical epicentre of mankind's propensity toward evil.’
    • ‘The paper's main working hypothesis is that this custom is to be understood in the context of underlying conceptions that fairytales convey in a symbolical guise.’
    • ‘An interpretive essay by Francis V. O'Connor focuses on the symbolical paintings and the self-portraits, drawing on the artist's crucial early experiences for the psychoanalytic insights they afford.’