Definition of Sylheti in English:


nounPlural Sylhetis

  • 1A native or inhabitant of the region around Sylhet, a city in north-eastern Bangladesh.

    • ‘For non-Bangladeshi readers, the Sylhetis are originated from Sylhet, a district of Bangladesh and they represent the most Bangladeshi migrants to UK starting from early twentieth century.’
    • ‘This caused many Sylhetis to come to London, in search of stability and work.’
    • ‘As for dried fish, again most West Bengali families I know detest it, but at least for Sylhetis it is a major delicacy.’
    • ‘Then gradually, the first Sylhetis began to arrive.’
    • ‘The campaign has echoed complaints made when the book was published in 2003, that it promulgates stereotypes of Sylhetis, who form 95% of Britain's Bangladeshi community.’
    • ‘The mayor, Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran, is trying to persuade Sylhetis living abroad to look beyond shops and set up factories.’
  • 2The Indic language spoken by the Sylheti, sometimes regarded as a dialect of Bengali.

    • ‘The word chosen by the researcher had a duplicate meaning in Sylheti.’
    • ‘The community researchers translated the tapes in Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, and Sylheti into English.’
    • ‘The Helpline counsellors are from the Asian community and can give advice in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali/Sylheti as well as English.’
    • ‘Most South Asian participants were Bangladeshis speaking Sylheti - a dialect with no written form; they received a plan written in English, explained through a bilingual advocate.’
    • ‘Street names are also written in Bengali, though that's of no use to those locals who speak only Sylheti.’


  • Relating to the Sylheti or their language.

    • ‘The female Sylheti interpreter complained to the chair of the meeting that she could and would only interpret the proceedings for the women.’
    • ‘They are two bright stars of the Sylheti film industry.’
    • ‘The study, costing up to £30,000 and also involving the Bangladeshi Sylheti community in east London, aims to boost the Government's understanding of the causes of forced marriages.’
    • ‘The Sylheti language and alphabet continued to be used by the ordinary people for everyday matters.’
    • ‘In face to face interviews complications arise where different forms of the same language are used - for example, Bengali and the Sylheti variant of Bengali, the latter having no written form.’