Definition of Sydneysider in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of Sydney.

    ‘all Sydneysiders aspire to an ocean view’
    • ‘I am a Sydneysider living in New York.’
    • ‘In the most gruelling environment in world rugby, the strong-scrummaging Sydneysider prospered as never before and played what may believed to be the best rugby of his life under new coach Bob Dwyer.’
    • ‘As a Sydneysider, this bar is considered the ultimate in cool.’
    • ‘Only a relative handful of Sydneysiders have benefited from the state's economic growth.’
    • ‘Any Sydneysider considering him or herself a racing fan will be at Warwick Farm next Saturday for the mouth-watering Apollo Stakes showdown between Sunline and Tie The Knot.’
    • ‘The Sydneysider does some things very well but he lacks consistency and there is still the suspicion that, a little like Hodgson, the opposition backrow can get after him.’
    • ‘If you liked Erin Brockovich, you'll be thoroughly intrigued with the adventures of this Sydneysider and her knack for civil disobedience.’
    • ‘The 17-year-old Sydneysider said it was great to know he could swim a time like that while he was still in heavy training.’
    • ‘At two months shy of his 20th birthday, the Sydneysider has already accumulated three Olympic golds and eight world titles, as well as setting 13 individual long-course world records.’
    • ‘It was the centre of Australia's first European colony and, even today, it is still the place where Sydneysiders congregate on special occasions.’
    • ‘But don't ask a Sydneysider what he or she thinks of the Olympics.’
    • ‘The 31 year old Sydneysider who won the 2000 Alcatel Young Business Women's Award never dreamt she'd find herself speaking to a group of over 180 Year 12 students from her old schoo.’
    • ‘And now we Sydneysiders are going to hear from her on a weekly basis.’
    • ‘Mr Beazley said the experience of trying to find a property had left him sympathetic towards Sydneysiders trying to enter the property market.’
    • ‘To Sydneysiders, it was imperative that their city should possess a collection of art worthy of Australia's mother colony.’
    • ‘Better still, few of the best walks are ever crowded since many Sydneysiders - let alone visitors - are aware they even exist.’
    • ‘Despite the danger, many Sydneysiders aren't bothered by these spiders.’
    • ‘Melbournian Martin Flanagan and Sydneysider Malcolm Knox got together to talk about Malcolm's second novel, A Private Man, a timely tale that deals with the dark regions of the male psyche.’
    • ‘"The climb was thrilling, a real occasion that I'll never forget," said Sydneysider Vicki Shaw, who climbed the bridge to celebrate her 40th birthday.’
    • ‘Turning back to his own players, the Sydneysider is eager to talk up the former maligned captain.’