Definition of syconoid in English:



  • See sycon

    • ‘Sponges have three body types: asconoid, syconoid, and leuconoid.’
    • ‘It is the only class with asconoid and syconoid construction, and has sponges with leuconoid construction as well.’
    • ‘Glass sponges most closely resemble syconoid sponges, but they differ too much internally from other sponges to be considered truly syconoid.’
    • ‘The term ostia is used to mean the openings into the pores of asconoid sponges, and the openings into the canals of syconoid and leuconoid sponges.’
    • ‘Many calcareous sponges have a syconoid plan of construction.’
    • ‘Larvae from all the sponges he examined (asconoid, syconoid and leuconoid) are depicted the same way, with two cell layers (the outer ciliated, the inner not), a hollow center, and an opening at one end.’