Definition of sybaritically in English:



  • See sybaritic

    • ‘The 2006 consumer is a sybaritically inclined but conscience-troubled shopper who is anxious to buy locally sourced ingredients which don't rack up the air miles but can be delivered to the door.’
    • ‘While not sybaritically luxurious, the plane's layout was comfortable and fairly roomy.’
    • ‘Today's more sybaritically inclined travellers can follow a more stylish route by opting for Cappadocia's other speciality: upmarket caves.’
    • ‘As the sun sank low in the west, I arose again, thoroughly rested and sybaritically sated, took a long, hot shower, dressed, and set forth anew.’
    • ‘This is the mood that is missing from descriptions of Venetians as almost sybaritically content within their watery enclosure.’