Definition of sybaritic in English:



  • Fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.

    ‘their opulent and sybaritic lifestyle’
    • ‘Italy was a country of inexhaustible charm, sybaritic pleasure, and cultural wealth, of course, but it was not to be taken quite seriously in an economic or political sense.’
    • ‘After this sybaritic interlude, it's back to the wild west again to a tiny village called Ahipara, which trades in adventure.’
    • ‘There's something downright self-indulgent, hedonistic, even sybaritic about this fine weather.’
    • ‘These characters are monstrous studies in sybaritic excess.’
    • ‘There are new luxury lodges and sybaritic spas to restore the body.’
    • ‘As Parker says, chastity and self-discipline were never going to come easily to ‘a sceptical, sybaritic, chain-smoking, egotistical and morally confused homosexual atheist’.’
    • ‘I once found myself on a yacht with British wine writer Oz Clarke (okay, there were some sybaritic moments in this arduous working life).’
    • ‘The best suites have seafront terraces complete with king-size day beds and private rooftop terraces from which to enjoy the sunsets in sybaritic style.’
    • ‘Patrick Bingham-Hall's sumptuous photographs certainly made me wish I had the cashflow to be welcomed into these sensual, sybaritic spaces.’
    • ‘We were starring, fantastically, in our own movie, a romance that Halliburton might have written had he lived long enough to acquire a taste for the more sybaritic pleasures of travel.’
    • ‘Side-by-side (it takes barely half an hour to get from one to the other) are the sybaritic pleasures of the beach and the heady exertions of the sort of outdoor life enjoyed by the Von Trapp family.’
    • ‘So much sybaritic luxury was considered by the neighboring estate owners to be distinctly nouveau riche.’
    • ‘The beaches haven't washed away, nor have the pockets of political conservatism or the illusion of a sybaritic lifestyle.’
    • ‘Herodotus in particular seems to have caught both Ethiopia's sybaritic allure and the exalted drum-driven dawn chants of the churches perfectly.’
    • ‘All my nostalgia for Venice has been evoked by an article in this week's Spectator, in which Stephen Glover describes the sybaritic pleasures of his weekend.’
    • ‘Consider, too, that she was in possession of a jewellery collection that included Faberge's finest and one of Marie Antoinette's diamond necklaces, and it is easy to see why courtiers gave up trying to disguise her sybaritic nature.’
    • ‘The scenery had taken a dramatic turn soon after we crossed the Roman causeway, leaving behind the sybaritic hotels, four-handed massages, whitewashed mosques and mud flats of the tourist island.’
    • ‘The overall impression of the early rooms is of a sybaritic indulgence which echoes the richness and confidence of Venetian Renaissance society.’
    • ‘If you're used to shooting in England, then dove-shooting in northern Argentina seems indecently sybaritic and comfortable.’
    • ‘Having spurned the fleshpots of Glasgow, novelist Carole Morin is enjoying the sybaritic delights of London.’
    luxurious, extravagant, pampered, lavish, self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking, sensual, voluptuous, hedonistic, epicurean, lotus-eating, libertine, debauched, dissolute, decadent, unrestrained, fast-living
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