Definition of swordstick in English:



  • A hollow walking stick containing a blade that can be used as a sword.

    • ‘A total of 43 knives, a bayonet, swordstick, Chinese throwing star, a large bullet and a container of CS spray were handed in by the public during the two-week amnesty.’
    • ‘She kept a cabinet full of weapons, including an axe, crossbow, machete, swordstick, cosh, an air rifle and two revolvers, the court was told.’
    • ‘I shall poke the villain in the eye with my swordstick on your behalf next time I am passing down Glasshouse Street, as shall many of my gentleman readers, I am sure.’
    • ‘The move is likely to be difficult to deploy, but specific weapons have been outlawed in the past, including flick knives, swordsticks, push daggers, death stars and butterfly knives.’
    • ‘A handful of innocent-looking walking canes mounted on a wall hide huge swordsticks, most taken from elderly passengers who wanted them for protection.’
    • ‘Zatoichi is sitting by a dusty country road, his swordstick lying negligently next to him.’