Definition of swordsman in English:



  • A man who fights with a sword (typically with his level of skill specified)

    ‘an expert swordsman’
    • ‘He calmly walked towards the nearest fight between two unskilled swordsmen.’
    • ‘This legion spanned from raging swordsmen to furious axemates to potent rangers.’
    • ‘There was an immediate hustle and bustle as she stretched and made ready for a few more fights with drunken swordsmen.’
    • ‘Had she been in combat against a stronger swordsman, she would have been dead by now.’
    • ‘He had learned the level of skill this swordsman had and was ready for the kill.’
    • ‘After being blindfolded, she waited only a few seconds before a French swordsman severed her head from her delicate neck.’
    • ‘When you signed up, you were asked where you wanted to be, cavalry, archery, footmen, swordsmen, smiths.’
    • ‘In battle, it could be wielded as a quarterstaff against swordsmen, or as a pike against cavalry.’
    • ‘He also may have missed the groups of swordsmen, archers, and mages that passed through.’
    • ‘She saw Archers practicing on trees nearby and swordsmen sparring.’
    • ‘You mustn't forget that we are accomplished swordsmen with much training and skill.’
    • ‘Alexander extended his hand to Constantine and they shook, complimenting each other on their skill as swordsmen.’
    • ‘The two swordsmen combated as if in a blood lust.’
    • ‘The line of troops went onward, and more small units and platoons of swordsmen and spearmen moved in for the battle.’
    • ‘Elian put a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder to calm the short tempered swordsmen.’
    • ‘Swinging it into the air and catching the blade by the handle, the swordsman stood ready to fight once more.’
    • ‘He had distinguished himself as a swordsman by fighting in my father's Three Year War.’
    • ‘He was finely built, and appeared to have the skills of a swordsman as well as a mage.’
    • ‘We entered the palace and there were many archers and swordsmen.’
    • ‘This swordplay had been going on ever since the beginning of the fight, the two expert swordsmen always striking and blocking with their swords in a creatively beautiful art.’