Definition of sword swallower in English:

sword swallower


  • A person who passes (or pretends to pass) a sword blade down their throat and gullet as entertainment.

    • ‘The function was hosted by Rowling and her doctor husband Neil Murray, whose spectacular entertainment included witches, wizards, minstrels and sword-swallowers.’
    • ‘The court contained everything, including a jester, a juggler, a sword-swallower, an eater of fire, and a young sorceress named Babette.’
    • ‘Some of us encounter such things in fellow believers, and we feel the way we do when we run into a sword-swallower at a wedding reception.’
    • ‘The demons would throw the small cascades of fire back and forth between their hands, before finally guiding it down their throats with the agility of sword-swallowers.’
    • ‘Celebrating day's end are sword-swallowers, trained dogs and cats, aerial artists, minstrels, fortune-tellers and bagpipers.’
    • ‘But I really have a thing for sword-swallowers and fire-eaters.’