Definition of swoosh in English:


Pronunciation /swʊʃ//swuːʃ/


  • 1The sound produced by a sudden rush of air or liquid.

    ‘the swoosh of surf’
    • ‘Suddenly there was a loud swoosh from overhead them.’
    • ‘And then, with a swoosh of her white lab coat, Mrs. Graham was gone.’
    • ‘Abruptly he turned with a swoosh of his cape, then flounced away, leaving Morgan staring after him.’
    • ‘With that, they caught the swoosh of a sliding door and the clunk and clatter of someone stumbling about the dressing room - on the other side of the wall.’
    • ‘Rex ducked just in time to hear the swoosh above him.’
    • ‘Dance music from a nearby club mingles with the soft swoosh of water flowing over one of the Vltava's many dams.’
    • ‘We were creeping forever through darkness with nothing but each other's black figures and the swoosh of our cloaks to tell that we were still together.’
    • ‘Wind sounds exactly as it should, and the swoosh of the sail as it catches air and takes the boat for a ride rings just about perfect.’
    • ‘‘Um I don't know, she just got in her car and left’ Nathan said just as the basketball went into the net with a swoosh.’
    • ‘The swoosh, like the doors they had had in the apartment, was calming.’
    • ‘He heard the swoosh of her sword leaving its scabbard, then a loud clap.’
    • ‘I hear a swoosh of water and see the light reflecting off the surface.’
    • ‘We heard a swoosh and saw three swans flying past in a V. We stopped to watch.’
    • ‘The murmured swoosh of cars rushing down nearby streets, the hum of planes overhead, the shouts resonating from the bar next door; the city's strange, eternal lullaby.’
    • ‘Alex paused for a moment and pointed out the various sections, then led the way around the balcony to a door on the opposite side that slid open immediately with a commanding swoosh.’
    • ‘With a swoosh from his cape and his long silver ponytail, he turned away and began to walk toward his quarters.’
    • ‘He heard the whistling stop and felt a quick swoosh of air.’
    • ‘She could hear the swoosh of his clothes as he walked.’
    • ‘No one said anything for a moment, then, so quietly it could barely be heard above the gentle swoosh of the rags, the girl to her right whispered to her, her eyes glancing over quickly.’
  • 2An emblem or design representing a flash or stripe of colour.

    ‘white running shoes with the Nike swoosh’
    • ‘Wearing the famed swoosh on its jerseys has allowed the club to break into the 130 countries that Nike reaches.’
    • ‘You want to pay kids to get the swoosh tattooed on their foreheads?’
    • ‘And even if students have a hard time with names, no one could mistake the gigantic swoosh on the side of the gym.’
    • ‘One cannot miss the big swoosh of Nike, and all the other brand names and logos, the Body Shop, and the Gap, among others.’
    • ‘Now this doesn't explain the giant swoosh - it's way too big and too curved to fit the usual pattern.’
    • ‘The world's largest athletic shoemaker has relaunched a website where shoppers design their own shoes, choosing everything from the colour of the famous Nike swoosh to personalizing the tongue with a word or phrase.’
    • ‘Confusingly, logos and some design signatures - such as the three stripes on Adidas track suits or the Nike swoosh - are protected from copying under trademark statutes.’
    • ‘Note the similarity of the logo to the Nike swoosh.’
    • ‘Just as noteworthy are the prominent gold swooshes on the chest and hip, and the shiny new Max Airs on his feet.’
    • ‘In the last twenty years we've gone from logos with horizontal stripes (a la IBM) to swooshes to geometric shapes (Target).’
    • ‘The distinctive swoosh logo came in 1971, a student-made design.’
    • ‘Navy blue sweatshirts bearing a single foreign word, Michigan, and a well-known logo, the Nike swoosh, were piled high in a small room off the main factory floor.’
    • ‘To fulfil the new contract Woods must wear as many swooshes as possible.’
    • ‘Instead of getting black Nikes with the white swoosh like everyone else, we went to Payless and bought the $12 variety of basketball shoes.’
    • ‘Nike broadcasts a message that equates its famous swoosh with freedom, revolution and personal exuberance.’


  • no object, with adverbial of direction Move with a rushing sound.

    ‘cars swooshed by on the street below’
    • ‘Percy warned and I ducked just in time to see a spear swoosh past my face.’
    • ‘He won't hear the door swoosh and he doesn't really watch the monitors unless there's a problem.’
    • ‘I threw the ball in the air, but instead of swooshing through the net, it hit the rim, bounced back and hit me in the face!’
    • ‘Once in a while a pedestrian stepped off the sidewalk and the traffic swooshed round them like water hitting a weir.’
    • ‘The red summer dressed swooshed around her legs as she slowly made her way past Renaldi.’
    • ‘I didn't know the heart could pound so fast - the blood thumped and swooshed so loud in my ears I could no longer hear the wind.’
    • ‘The sound of it sounds like something sizzling in a pan but with cars swooshing by.’
    • ‘Finally they all swooshed to a halt and we clapped heartily, while feeling a bit disconcerted by the whole thing.’
    • ‘He reached over and pushed the tiny button for the third floor and the doors swooshed slowly closed.’
    • ‘I heard a pillow swoosh through the air and hit a head.’
    • ‘I ducked just in time for her hand to swoosh over my head.’
    • ‘As I waited my turn, I saw in my rear-view mirror that, of the half dozen or so cars that swooshed by me in the carpool lane, not a single one carried a passenger.’
    • ‘The door swooshed shut behind them, but they left the lights on.’
    • ‘We pause on Park Avenue, cabs swooshing past, slick, chill streets, slippery sidewalks, a grey evening, a nondescript night.’
    • ‘‘Or not,’ Rob laughed, after the ball had swooshed through the net.’
    • ‘The car finally swooshed out of the traffic and everything became a blur of colors again.’
    • ‘Dinael didn't say anything though, just swooshed past him with a whisper of fabric.’
    • ‘And he wasn't the one in tights, he was the one in the sparkly black robe thing that swooshed when he walked.’
    • ‘She watches as a new model bus swooshes past, and shakes her head.’
    • ‘Brian walked over to the door and peeked out as it swooshed open.’
    • ‘Trucks and cars swoosh past us occasionally, otherwise we are cocooned in the subliminal hum of the forest.’
    • ‘The doors swooshed open and he exited the elaborate elevator.’
    • ‘When trains swoosh by, they temporarily drown out the birds and force gardeners to either stop talking or yell to be heard above the din.’
    • ‘I looked up right as she left the room, her dark, forest green dress made of velvet and silk swooshed around the ground as the white lace hemmed her tightly bound bodice, making her torso look tiny.’
    • ‘Cars are swooshing by every so often and I find myself almost transfixed watching them.’
    • ‘The turquoise sea swooshed gently under the darkening sky.’
    • ‘She then pivoted and the black skirt she wore swooshed around, her shoulder-length brown hair twirling.’
    • ‘I flip over in my bed so I'm now facing the ceiling, the material of my dress swooshing together as I do so.’
    • ‘The doors swoosh open, and the pilots are faced with a long, brightly lit corridor, with open plan rooms leading off both sides of it, separated from the corridor by large sheets of plexiglass.’
    • ‘Once she was past an arm's length away, the door swooshed closed.’
    • ‘The dress swooshed when I moved and it would look beautiful when I curled my hair.’


Mid 19th century: imitative.