Definition of swoony in English:



  • Experiencing or inducing a state of rapture or other strong emotion.

    ‘he gave me a big swoony kiss on the mouth’
    • ‘He has planned his first swoony days in office, a post-election honeymoon, but with the United Nations, not the U.S. Congress.’
    • ‘There is a glorious, glorious long tracking shot that is just so swoony that I have to comment on it.’
    • ‘But politics would seem to call for fairly exacting acuity, and Michal Rovner's swoony images of intractable real-world problems have angered some viewers.’
    • ‘Dreamy, swoony indie pop that calls out to sensitive sweater nerds and English majors everywhere.’
    • ‘The band's swoony, soaring sound is as thrilling today as when the songs were recorded.’
    • ‘The Notebook is one of those rare, perfect, swoony love stories.’
    • ‘Perfect for its target audience of swoony preteens.’
    • ‘Here they've banded together to breathe life into the 1975 novel that's become required reading for swoony preteens.’
    • ‘Yet Far From Heaven is a triumph on all counts, from Elmer Bernstein's swoony yet sabre-toothed score to the precise work of the cast.’
    • ‘You only need to trawl the web to feel the passion, the busy chatrooms, the swoony blogs.’
    • ‘The title of the show refers to the swoony sensory overload some people experience in the presence of great art.’
    • ‘People may love what's next, but the Night at the Museum movies are a big swoony smooch to the old.’
    • ‘Better yet, that was the album's focus, with the swoony schmaltz-experiments Fridmann usually abets providing only the thinnest layer of icing.’
    • ‘This is a swoony set of chilled-out bliss - like the last hazy days of summer as they melt into fall.’
    • ‘Live high on chef Douglas Rodriguez's celebrated roast hog, or settle for a bowlful of swoony seviche at Chicama, in the Flatiron district.’
    • ‘The poem satirizes merrily enough, being windy and rhapsodic, prostrate and profligate, swoony and bitter, and attacks various people.’
    • ‘The icing on the decay is a swoony style, which prioritizes effect over meaning, and offers sensual pleasure at best.’
    • ‘The mellow tracks mix gauzy female harmonies with easy rhythms for a swoony effect.’
    • ‘It lives up to its subtitle, but not in a weak and swoony way.’
    • ‘The swoony new British film My Summer of Love conveys this phenomenon with unusual power.’