Definition of swizzle stick in English:

swizzle stick


  • A stick used for frothing up still drinks or taking the fizz out of sparkling ones.

    • ‘Karen Kitt pointed at the wall-clock with her swizzle stick.’
    • ‘It came with a straw, swizzle stick and a tiny macaroon biscuit.’
    • ‘Have a coke with a couple lime wedges in it + ice + a swizzle stick.’
    • ‘We discussed issues like what to do with paper parasols, swizzle sticks shaped like flamingos, sparklers and other cocktail paraphernalia while you drink your drink.’
    • ‘I have a swizzle stick and I know how to use it… well, I don't actually, but I'm sure I'll soon learn the correct wrist action.’
    • ‘I sincerely hope you took my advice about the melted chocolate swizzle stick.’
    • ‘Catching the look in the smaller girl's eyes, she lunged forward, throwing her swizzle stick.’
    • ‘‘Ah, c'mon,’ he says, twirling his drink's swizzle stick, ‘you're tiny, for Christ's sake.’’
    • ‘Set out a cork screw, bottle opener, swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins and all the necessary ingredients for making the beverages you are offering.’
    • ‘There will be no hot cider with cinnamon swizzle sticks around the T.V. on crisp evenings this September.’
    • ‘I preferred cocktails the old way - when they were pink and sickly and stuffed with rainbow-coloured swizzle sticks and sparklers.’
    • ‘Even new swizzle sticks which are also referred to as stirrers or picks, depending on whether their ends are pointy or not, can be quite high-priced.’
    • ‘Mitch looked at the two women, playfully taking a swizzle stick, and mock stabbing himself in the heart with it.’
    • ‘If you really like throwing parties, why not pick up a few themed tablecloths, swizzle sticks, or other cheap party goods?’
    beater, mixer, blender
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swizzle stick