Definition of swivel-eyed in English:



  • 1Rotating the eyes wildly, especially in a way regarded as indicative of frenzy.

    ‘Hortensio reacts with swivel-eyed panic’
    • ‘Whenever an actor is asked to slip into a toga he sees it as an excuse to go all swivel-eyed and bonkers.’
    • ‘The knowledge that he doesn't actually indulge in any stimulants at all makes his swivel-eyed enthusiasm all the more enjoyable.’
    • ‘Without going overboard on the bent-backed, swivel-eyed cackling often brought to the character, his Fagin is believably unscrupulous and self-serving.’
    • ‘"This is a song I wrote when I was eight" says the swivel-eyed frontman before howling something decidedly avant-garde, his face and legs vibrating like he's being tasered.’
    • ‘He looked even more swivel-eyed and unshaven than usual.’
    frantic, wild, frenetic, hectic, fraught, feverish, fevered, mad, crazed, manic, hyperactive, energetic, intense, furious, fast and furious, turbulent, tumultuous, confused, confusing
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    1. 1.1 Holding or expressing political views regarded as extreme or fanatical.
      ‘a swivel-eyed loon banging on about the Magna Carta’
      • ‘When you come to the world of weblogs for the first time you will probably find to your horror that they are written by foul-mouthed illiterates, self-obsessed juveniles (of all ages), assorted bigots and swivel-eyed fruitcakes.’
      • ‘Does anyone think he is beginning to sound a bit like a swivel-eyed old-school Tory zealot?’
      • ‘As a shop steward, he developed a reputation for militancy, although he denies affiliation with the ultra-Left, and objects to being caricatured as one of those swivel-eyed Trots of myth.’
      • ‘It is not just swivel-eyed market zealots who realise the importance of trade.’
      • ‘Doubtless, they looked upon those opposed to the creation of a common judicial area in Europe as swivel-eyed Europhobes.’
      • ‘If you don't agree with them, if you don't sign up to their agenda, you are damned as a swivel-eyed Nazi.’
      • ‘In the run-up to the general election, politicians in all three parties convinced themselves that even to talk about renegotiating our membership was extreme, swivel-eyed, blah blah.’
      • ‘William Wilberforce's obsession with ending the slave trade was viewed as swivel-eyed by the establishment of his day.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, those who favour a referendum on the EU, or tougher prison terms, or flat taxes or a much smaller state are derided as "swivel-eyed".’
      zealous, extremist, extreme, militant, dogmatic, sectarian, bigoted, rabid, maniacal, radical, diehard, activist
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