Definition of switcher in English:



  • 1US A shunting engine.

    • ‘The switcher backs the new caboose on, and the new crew grabs the conductor's work sheets.’
    • ‘The yard switcher for the day was Milwaukee 760, the first Fairbanks Morse diesel locomotive - built just 50 miles northwest of Union, in Beloit, Wisconsin.’
    • ‘About the simplest way to fuel an engine was to call in a tank wagon from the local Shell distributor and have him fill the switcher on the crew's 20-minute lunch break.’
    • ‘Aside from yard switchers, some of the earliest road locomotives were small units used on branch lines in isolated situations.’
    • ‘On our right as we moved in reverse, we could see various AMTRAK engines, switchers, and Superliner equipment.’
    • ‘West Toronto roundhouse continued in use for yard steam engines and later diesel yard switchers.’
    • ‘At the same time, the express cars were pulled off the rear of the train by a switcher.’
    • ‘In order to get them there, the train stops at Balmer Yard in Seattle where a waiting switcher cuts out the Boeing cars and switches them into a train bound for Renton.’
    • ‘By the time we got off the train, the two Atlanta-bound MHC's had already been removed from the back of the train by a switcher.’
    • ‘Then the express cars were moved by a switcher from the siding southward via the main track, and they were added to the rear of the New York section.’
    • ‘Finally, in early 1949 the decision to dieselize was made, and the first order was placed, primarily for switchers.’
    • ‘It currently rosters two rare Baldwin diesel switchers, one of which is used as a parts source.’
    • ‘At Harrisburg, I linger on the platform, watching the station switcher removing some express cars from the rear of #44.’
  • 2A piece of electronic equipment used to select or combine different video and audio signals.

    • ‘There are also few digital virtual switchers that can provide the type of functionality a typical security console operator requires for camera switching, screening and automatic call-up applications.’
    • ‘With a switcher two can watch different TV channels simultaneously.’
    • ‘For video, if you are currently using multiplexers and switchers, the new ‘stripped down’ DVRs will give you the opportunity to upgrade your front end into the digital world, without forcing you to upgrade your entire system.’
    • ‘You can buy a cheap switcher and then simply cut between the two tape sources.’
    • ‘The system that controls which images are sent to which monitors at what time, is made up of the laser disc players and discs, the laptop computer, the time code reader, the synchroniser and the video switcher.’
    • ‘I actually asked about this at the presentation because I often shoot live stage performances and use switchers for the camera feeds.’
    • ‘Digital cameras, switchers, recorders and display devices are transforming how television signals can be used by security personnel for more accurate, reliable and effective surveillance and assessment.’
    • ‘More speakers are added over the rear doors, the audio/video switcher is installed, and the door speakers are put in place.’