Definition of switched-on in English:



  • Aware of what is going on or what is up to date.

    ‘your shortcomings will be apparent to a switched-on youngster’
    • ‘And frankly, there's simply no excuse for being a crashing great bore in a switched-on, wired-up era which lets you tune in to the best of the world's news and culture faster than you can stifle a yawn.’
    • ‘But Roe, switched-on as ever, caught him in the act, whipped the team-sheet off him and walked away with it.’
    • ‘He does it because he knows that once his team are switched-on mentally, then no side in Europe can hope to live with them.’
    • ‘Being the epitome of the modern, switched-on Hollywood multi-tasker, Jamie Foxx has a lot going on.’
    • ‘Searching for a point of connection with a switched-on audience, many in the media and politics are drawn to blogs.’
    • ‘She really was a switched-on lady when we met.’
    • ‘They certainly look a bright, switched-on bunch, but let's see how much they know about raw ingredients.’
    • ‘The conference went very well, with a bunch of good speakers and a really switched-on crowd of folk.’
    • ‘And he should know since he's been spinning amazing records there for more than a decade, drawing the city's most switched-on clubbers into an alternate reality of future sound and great parties.’
    • ‘However, translating that passion into action will be far harder even for this most switched-on politician.’
    • ‘He had met a lot of girls but never one so clued-in and so switched-on.’
    • ‘The moment they decide to become parents, many switched-on couples switch to an organic diet.’
    • ‘In the same way that switched-on types buy Alfa's 156 and not a BMW 3 Series, Bora buyers do not follow the crowd.’
    • ‘Sometime before the age of 10 I developed a desire to be trendy and switched-on.’
    • ‘Well, the talk went better than I expected - I covered all the main points in a logical and complete fashion, and successfully fielded some difficult questions from a very switched-on audience.’
    • ‘Some very switched-on people within the Drug Squad decided to give them what they wanted.’
    • ‘Do your research: ask switched-on friends, family and colleagues for advice.’
    • ‘Wilman is a switched-on young man from cosmopolitan Singapore who is accustomed to catering for the tastebuds of many different nationalities.’
    • ‘Looks like Edinburgh - once dominated by the castle and the shortbread and tartan tourist routes - is continuing to transform itself into a switched-on, shining city.’
    • ‘‘For that to happen, what you need is a switched-on CEO and a good communication structure between members of the hospitality industry,’ he says.’
    knowledgeable, enlightened, illuminated, literate, well informed, well educated, educated, schooled, instructed
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