Definition of switch something off (or on) in English:

switch something off (or on)

phrasal verb

  • Turn an electrical device off (or on)

    ‘she switched on the kettle’
    • ‘The nation's televisions use £190 million worth of electricity while they are switched off.’
    • ‘I would doubt if one extra minute has been saved by public service vehicles since the lights were switched on.’
    • ‘The project had to take place late at night so that the power could be switched off on the railway line.’
    • ‘Fairy lights were switched on and music played.’
    • ‘I felt tense as the lights were switched off inside the plane as it came into land and flares were released to deflect anti - aircraft fire.’
    • ‘In some cases, the electricity had been switched off at the mains and telephones disabled; in others, light bulbs were removed before the attack.’
    • ‘The work will start this summer and the first set of new street lights will be switched on from December.’
    • ‘The bridge is expected to be opened in August, when lights will be switched on to illuminate the arch at night.’
    • ‘The power at the station was switched off immediately, which disrupted train services for more than an hour in the area as she was rescued.’
    • ‘The traffic lights were switched off, a helicopter hovered overhead, and along came a glare of headlights.’
    • ‘There were no safety barriers, the walkway power was not switched off and emergency brakes on the walkway were not working properly.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards the power was switched off by electricity company Powergen.’
    • ‘Only about 20% ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off and a similarly low figure check that the cooker is off.’
    • ‘The lights are switched on when the operator stops projection to change the spools.’
    • ‘They lights were switched on to a musical fanfare earlier this month and locals said they were proud their village was putting on such a good show.’
    • ‘He added that the lights in the toilets were switched off at midnight and that the issue of the heater had been raised before and it was currently on to prevent frozen pipes.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called to the scene while passengers were escorted along the railway track back into the station after the electric current had been switched off between Eastleigh and Fareham.’
    • ‘Revenue from flash memory, which stores data when devices like cell phones are switched off, was little changed.’
    • ‘Outside of rush hour, the lights could be switched off.’
    • ‘The lights were switched off for the first time at about 7am yesterday.’
    turn on, put on, flick on, activate, power up, start off, set going, get going, trigger off, set in motion, operate, initiate, actuate, boot up, initialize, energize
    turn off, shut off, flick off, stop working, cut, power down, stop, halt, deactivate
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