Definition of switch off in English:

switch off

phrasal verb

  • Cease to pay attention.

    ‘as he waffles on, I switch off’
    • ‘Once again Rovers players showed how mentally fragile they are by switching off at key moments and accepting second best all too easily.’
    • ‘That's ideal if you come here to switch off, since you enjoy attentive service without any hassle.’
    • ‘It is quite clear that the pro-Union electorate are switching off in droves, with each election indicating a downturn in registration and voting.’
    • ‘Many just switch off, saying that they'll pay attention when there is real danger.’
    • ‘She thought it was cool to be more radical than her parents by switching off from politics, but now she feels guilty - which is why she has been on three demonstrations in the past two weeks.’
    • ‘And switching off for a few hours is a very good thing indeed.’
    • ‘Particularly I'm going to switch off or stop reading when I recognise signs of distress in myself.’
    • ‘Others try to limit the expectations of their boss or family by taking longer to reply, or switching off.’
    • ‘I've received a steady stream of emails from readers saying they're switching off, retiring to their veggie patches, disengaging.’