Definition of Swiss bank account in English:

Swiss bank account


  • An account held at a bank in Switzerland, identified by a number rather than a name in order to preserve the client's anonymity and security.

    • ‘Finegan said: ‘There is no guarantee the savings made by some countries wouldn't disappear into Swiss bank accounts, as they have in the past.’’
    • ‘There has always been a huge question mark over who was gathering interest on all this money in a Swiss bank account.’
    • ‘That is because in most economically strapped countries, national leaders get 10 per cent commissions paid to Swiss bank accounts for undervaluing the sale price of national assets.’
    • ‘For example, the Swiss bank account was a joint account with his father.’
    • ‘Even if they're caught, Italy's new law makes it harder to obtain evidence, such as records from a Swiss bank account.’
    • ‘It has been used by incumbent regimes to either swell Swiss bank accounts or to support the local political elite who will maintain a dictator in his position.’
    • ‘He's virtually a dictator, but who cares: you should see the interest accruing in my Swiss bank account.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the Third World will stay as it is and the only thing that will change is the name on the Swiss bank account.’
    • ‘This group was involved in similar work of matching dormant Swiss bank accounts with Holocaust victims in order that money can be paid to their living relatives.’
    • ‘Whoever would like to keep their Swiss bank accounts and invest their oil profits in German banks and insurance companies, must decide on which side of the conflict they lie.’
    • ‘Before I move on to areas with better financial gains, I'd like your city to come up with a token amount - say, five million dollars - to be deposited to a Swiss bank account.’
    • ‘It wants Switzerland to hand over the withholding tax it levies on EU citizens' Swiss bank accounts.’
    • ‘‘Diversion of funds into Swiss bank accounts rather than lawful timber harvesting and payment of taxes reduces the cash available to the government for poverty alleviation,’ he noted.’
    • ‘The EU is pressing Switzerland to hand over information about EU citizens who hold Swiss bank accounts, and who cannot be taxed on the funds.’
    • ‘If all we do is give money in the form of aid, the corrupt will think it's their birthday and will continue to pour even more money into their Swiss bank accounts.’
    • ‘They need relief from wasteful political élites with statist plans and Swiss bank accounts who ran up those debts.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he hadn't yet deposited the money in his Swiss bank accounts.’
    • ‘Sceptics may think it simply seals billions into tyrants' Swiss bank accounts.’
    • ‘We are not part of a tinpot dictatorship with officials filling their Swiss bank accounts.’
    • ‘An assistant opinion-page editor of a major American newspaper asked me, ‘Just what is a numbered Swiss bank account?’’