Definition of swirly in English:



  • Moving in or characterized by swirling shapes or patterns.

    ‘seventies-style swirly carpets’
    ‘long, swirly skirts’
    • ‘Together with the colourful fifties style costumes - all beehive hairdos and swirly skirts - it perfectly evokes the mood of that era.’
    • ‘I remember saying at the time that the swirly water looked as if God had washed his brushes out after painting the sky.’
    • ‘And that music, it's so hazy, so … swirly.’
    • ‘Then, paint swirly stripes on the inside of the fixture with a beautifully bright shade of orange glass paint.’
    • ‘The wax came out all swirly and streaky.’
    • ‘Use other shades of gray to fill in gaps so there is a swirly design of color.’
    • ‘If you could visually represent the ebb and flow of my thoughts, you'd find a lot of swirly folded patterns emerging.’
    • ‘We danced in a swirly, silly way for a while.’
    • ‘Unless the buyer also likes loud swirly carpets, they're going to be thinking about the cost of replacing them.’
    • ‘Admittedly, some of their swirlier, quieter tunes suited the stadium's poor acoustics, but, generally, there was a decided lack of excitement about the set.’
    • ‘But these are no ordinary stairs, they form a precipitous swirly spiral that slowly descends inside an open cavern at the front of the building.’
    • ‘Don't know what was wrong - the wind was swirly and the roads were in slippery condition, but the main problem was heavy legs.’
    • ‘The lamp's fab swirly colours are made from a mixture of coloured wax and water - because these don't mix the colours stay separate.’
    • ‘Put in a drop or so of red food coloring, and mix thoroughly for pink or stir ever so slightly with a toothpick to get a swirly effect.’
    • ‘The surface was glazed with a swirly layer of thick, black fuel.’
    • ‘She has hazel eyes and if you looked close enough you could see a design in her eyes like little swirly lines forming around her pupil to mesmerize anyone who spent the time to really look.’
    • ‘I found a cool swirly design, small enough to fit on an earlobe.’
    • ‘Fans of the band's swirlier tendencies will relish in their further explorations into the psychedelic folk rock.’
    • ‘Dig through the holiday stash, pull out a swirly glass ornament.’