Definition of swingometer in English:



  • A device or computerized display used to demonstrate the effect of a political swing on an election.

    • ‘It requires a bit of fiddling but the BBC swingometer allows you to figure out what the benefits of tactical voting would be.’
    • ‘If you're not interested in the legendary swingometer there's plenty to keep you occupied on Thursday.’
    • ‘Peter Snow's magic swingometer tricks don't look so clever now that we can all do it ourselves.’
    • ‘Technology has come on a long way since the days of the cardboard swingometers.’
    • ‘I stayed up all night watching Peter Snow's swingometer and cheering every time a blue part of the map turned red.’
    • ‘Their online election services include seat by seat breakdowns, all the poll information you could want and daily analysis and commentary, complete with blogs and election swingometers.’
    • ‘It really is time for a change; I have covered nine general elections and countless others with the BBC and ITN, and it's time for someone else to handle the swingometer.’
    • ‘But first I decided to do what I should have done the minute the swingometer had gone against me and addressed the atmosphere with the audience.’
    • ‘The swingometer, meanwhile, has been surpassed by on-screen polls, tracking audience reaction to speeches in real time.’
    • ‘Without a word, the BBC swingometer has magically changed from the red/blue model to the red/orange version.’