Definition of swingletree in English:



  • A crossbar pivoted in the middle, to which the traces are attached in a horse-drawn cart or plough.

    North American term singletree
    • ‘For both species, a swingletree is necessary to eliminate harness chafing (buyer beware - many cheap, so-called breaking carts don't have one).’
    • ‘Outside traces to swingletrees first and then the inside ones.’
    • ‘It consists simply of two wheels, an axletree with a pintle for attachment of the trail, plus a draught connector to which one or two swingletrees might be attached.’
    • ‘The film required swingletrees for the horsemaster's use, so I made them to be readily removable.’
    • ‘And I suppose that younger people today are no more familiar with telephone booths than they are with swingletrees or coulters.’
    • ‘We shall also be selling harness and swingletrees on the showground made by our trained harness makers.’
    • ‘This timber is well adapted for piles in situations where they are kept constantly wet, for swingletrees, spokes, and handles of tools, also for the teeth of wheels.’
    • ‘Competitors brought their own ploughs and swingletrees.’
    • ‘However, when used with a team of two or more animals harnessed together, usually through special arrangements of swingletrees and eveners, their use becomes rather cumbersome.’
    • ‘At the International Exhibition in 1888-89 his entry of a grain-stripping machine, a furrow plough and iron swingletrees was among those gaining the highest possible award.’
    • ‘It is formed by eight lined-up wheels, linked by swingletrees, and a free wheel in the middle of the others, lined-up with them.’