Definition of swingeing in English:



  • Severe or extreme in size, amount, or effect.

    ‘swingeing cuts in public expenditure’
    • ‘He has really started something with his swingeing attack on the hypocrisy of the media.’
    • ‘Everyone seems to expect swingeing personnel cuts and the disappearance of several army regiments and possibly either ships or RAF units.’
    • ‘I asked if, by keeping the increase to this level, it would mean a swingeing cut in council grants to voluntary bodies, but did not get a satisfactory answer.’
    • ‘He made swingeing attacks on multinational companies destroying Nigeria - and in particular the land and lives of the Ogoni people, of whom he was one - in the pursuit of profit.’
    • ‘His departure would come after a torrid summer in which he has been harshly criticised for allowing a series of swingeing cuts in hospital services throughout Scotland.’
    • ‘Taxpayers are bracing themselves for a mammoth council tax rise of up to 10 per cent and swingeing cuts to services.’
    • ‘Firefighters and control staff now have a chance to stave off swingeing attacks on their conditions by employers who have reneged on an earlier pay deal.’
    • ‘But, as the Conservative group leader recognised, the alternative - swingeing cuts - was unthinkable.’
    • ‘Reports forecast swingeing job cuts across the board at the BBC.’
    • ‘There are widespread fears that new legislation and the impact of stakeholder pensions will lead to swingeing cuts at life companies.’
    • ‘But, with a £20 million debt and £25,000 a week being haemorrhaged, despite swingeing player and staff cuts, the matter is not that simple.’
    • ‘Scores of beds will be axed and staff recruitment and overtime drastically reduced in swingeing cuts being unveiled by hospital chiefs today.’
    • ‘But with swingeing cuts in haddock quotas also on the cards, what will the average family be eating in place of its favourite Friday night treat?’
    • ‘Plans to build a number of new homes for the elderly as part of a £15m rebuilding plan are to go ahead in Sheffield despite staff suffering swingeing pay cuts last year.’
    • ‘‘We are facing an almost impossible task to make such swingeing cuts,’ said the insider.’
    • ‘‘We're not against a more efficient Civil Service, but it's difficult to see how services will improve with such swingeing cuts,’ he said.’
    • ‘THE ‘appalling’ state of a crisis-hit council's finances were laid bare yesterday, amid warnings that most services faced swingeing cuts.’
    • ‘Residents are bracing themselves for the annual double whammy: a hike in council tax bills, and swingeing cuts in services.’
    • ‘Most heads believed they would get inflation-busting increases but found themselves having to make swingeing cuts.’
    • ‘They say this would leave York residents faced with either swingeing service cuts, meaning departments like education and social care could suffer badly.’
    severe, extreme, serious, substantial, drastic, harsh, punishing, excessive, oppressive, draconian, heavy
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